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Welcome! Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life - we hope the website helps you find out what you want to know about the Coverdale Baptist Church.

Key info about the church...

When & where does the church meet?
The church meets every Sunday at 11.00am for our Sunday Service. We are around from about 9.30am so you're welcome to come early, meet some of our team and get a drink.

We meet at The Well  on Coverdale Crescent in Ardwick. The building is owned by the Church and is also a base for our work in Coverdale community.

You can see a map on our contact us page

There is parking available on site, opposite the front entrance of the Church and on Coverdale Crescent. 
What to expect when I visit the church
You can expect a warm welcome, great worship, and a friendly bunch of people gathering to learn more about God. We are very informal and often meet cafe style around tables. We are a small group of people of all ages and different cultural backgrounds. We love to see the Holy Spirit working freely and have seen people healed many times as we worship and pray for each other. You can also expect tea, coffee and biscuits!
What happens to the kids at church?
Children and young people are really welcome. For the younger children under five there are plenty of areas in our worship room where they can play, colour or share books. They are welcome to wander freely and make childlike noise and join in the worship as and when they want.

We are starting to get a few children and young people joining us with their families. It is hard to create something special for them as often we don't know they are coming. Amy, our childrens pastor, is happy to take children out but if you know you are coming why not give us a ring then we can prepare to welcome them and help then learn more about God our Father. 

We believe and have seen that children of all ages can fully encouter God and the Holy Spirit and be equiped with His gifts.  We encourage them to pursue an intimate relationship the God. We love to see them praying for adults and seeing them healed.
Is there a dress code
No, just wear something comfortable! 
Will I be made to feel uncomfortable?
Not at all! We are very welcoming, and you will not be forced to do anything you are not comfortable doing. We want you to feel right at home and enjoy the service. Do join us for a drink and snacks after the service to get to know some people from the church. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch and ask them.
Please feel free to call (0161 273 5635) or email the team ( with any questions you have and we will be happy to help you. Or fill in the form below...
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If you want to know who works in the church office, check out our Staff and Leadership page.
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