Mission and Vision

What are the people that belong to

Coverdale Baptist Church all about?


Our Passion

 Our passion is to have an abundant life-releasing relationship with Jesus

and our commitment is to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit through whom

we know Him. We are one of the new breed of churches that fully embrace

the authority of Scripture for all Christians alongside the presence and

work of the Spirit. In tthat sense we are a  
Word and Spirit Church.

We experience the grace of our Lord Jesus bringing us into the Love of the Father

and maintaining our Fellowship with the Holy Spirit both now and forever.
Our Aims
To be a people who are getting healed up in the Father's love so that we     

        can live and serve out of pure hearts

   * To be a safe place for people to grow in God's love and gifts
   * To be a people moving out of vision not ambition
   * To be a centre of resource for renewal and revival, to the local

      and wider church and the community we serve

To be an apostolic church, drawing from the nations and sending to the nations.

Our Hope

Our hope is that we bring much glory and pleasure to the heart of God

and remain under the anointing of the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

To this end, we seek to be a prophetic community - hearing the voice

of God through scripture, prayer and worship.

But don't take our word for it - Come and See!
 About Us 
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